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Agnieszka Doll




Agnieszka Doll is a socio-legal researcher and a lawyer working at the intersection of law and medicine. Trained in law, sociology, and gender studies she is currently completing her PhD at the Law and Society Program, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Canada. Her doctoral work “Lawyering for the ‘Mad’: Experts, pathologies, and emergency involuntary admission to psychiatric facilities in Poland”, explores how the legal process of involuntary admission is organized so that it silences voices of persons undergoing the admission and those advocating on their behalf. In her research, she works with professionals involved in decision-making regarding involuntary admissions to directly effect change at the institutional level. She attempts to make her work available to broad audiences: academics, professionals, and people receiving health care services. Agnieszka publishes blog posts, chapters in activists’ books and engages in community-based research. Agnieszka tutors the Health Care Law course (HADM400) at Athabasca University.

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